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"Faeries are invisible like Angels, but their Magic SPARKLES in Nature"


As required by law, you must be 18+ to use any of my services. I am confident of my Psychic Gifts, and you tell me that my readings are amazing and mind-blowing! But you have to bear in mind that I am living a human experience here today, so I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. Please note that at times I cannot interfere with soul agreements that you have agreed with another, I respect all free will and never like to interfere. Please do understand that I claim no liability for all services done, in working with me you are acknowledging that you are subject to your own conclusions and interpretations.


Any healing energy work, or magic spell work performed for you is done by myself alone including my Spirit Guides, my coven if you like. Energies normally begin to manifest within few hours to 12 weeks for you. Most of you will feel lighter during the session, as you have given feedback that you wake up the next day feeling better. This is due to my gift at energy clearing and realigning your aura. No refunds are offered, as it is my working time.


All my services here are classed under entertainment purposes only.


 please read carefully

"The Universe cannot be fooled because it's dealing with you on a vibrational level"