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"Faeries are invisible like Angels, but their Magic SPARKLES in Nature"


I See You, Your Soul, Your Journey, Your Potential. I can Guide You to Live Your Highest Potential for You are Here to Love AND Be Loved. I am Claire (Clairvoyant! Claircognizant! Clairsentient! Clairaudient!) I am Here to Help You Get IT Right for Miracles Happen When You Do and Life Gets Better. When You CHANGE, Life Changes for the Best.


My soul is a Starseed experiencing a gentle awakening at 6/7 years old. Childhood began training with my Teacher Guides yet playing happily with the Faeries. At Uni, met my Guardian Angels. I always feel like Alice in Wonderland, or the Mad Hatter at the tea party with my Guides! Serena is delighted to have this opportunity to work with you sharing the magic

My Primary Requirements: 18+ First Name & Birth Year. when I receive your details I aim to deliver to you in in 24 hours. When payment is received, receipt will be confirmed via your Paypal email address. Please check your spam folder too...


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 about Psychic Serena

"if someone tells you you're not beautiful, turn around and walk away so they can have a great view of your fabulous ass"